Key Club

Our Purpose

Key Club is a student led program that allows students to help their community through service. Students learn leadership and the importance of helping others by working hard. Key Club offers many benefits to its members throughout their high school years. 

Meetings are every first Wednesday of each month!

Feel free to drop in, ask questions, comments, or concerns that you might have, our officers and advisor is there to help in any way, don't be shy, we don't bite. 

What we've done

Lake Placid's Key Club has done so much after it has exponentially grown this last year. We've helped our community in such a big way!! In different forms, such as being able to provide scholarships for our members, cleaned up our town from lots of litter, and made it look sparkly new by replacing it's multiple bench plaques, and way much more!! Check out more of what we've done by clicking the text below.

Dues will be $15, $30 including the T-shirt

Money can be turned in to the officers but preferably to the treasurer or advisor

Key Club is such a wonderful club and an even greater experience to go through during your high school years, Freshmen are highly encouraged to give it a try, even if it is for one year (Giving back to the community is always fun!)

Our Club Benefits

What helps and benefits our club provides for our members!


Since our school has a variety of sports, with it, plenty of games that need a concessions stand, that's where Key Club steps in to help sell goods, such as chips and soda to help raise money for our school.

Scrap Book

Our Proudest Moments

We would just like to brag a little here on what we were able to do with such a talented and amazing club. Just last year, we just started blowing up thanks to our amazing advisor's confidential tactics and strategies, and we are even bigger now!! So we'll be showcasing our greatest feats to date!